Welcome to SaniChem

SaniChem is a chemical company that has been supplying the African market with quality chemicals for Litter Beetle control, Aspergillus fumigatus control, Stink Bug control, Malaria mosquito control, Insect control, Fungus control, Bacteria control and Frost control for more than 5 years.

Our company excels in technological advancement and is able to provide the simplest and modern solution to most complex problems. We employ a team of highly qualified engineers, chemical and mechanical, that develops products to offer our industry specific solutions.

SaniChem Solutions

We have a unique range of chemicals that have been specifically formulated to control Aspergillus fumigatus in hatcheries, Litter Beetle and their larvae as well as general pathologies in the poultry industry.

SaniChem products are widely used for Malaria mosquito control in mines, construction sites and urban environments. The company also offers solutions for Stink Bug control for the macadamia industry. 

SaniChem has a range of products specially formulated for the control of Mould (fungus) for the wine Industry and for the control of Mould and pathologies in the fruit packinghouses.
We also provide our customers with fogging carrier oils, flushing solution and fuel stabiliser.

All chemicals produced by SaniChem are formulated to be compatible with Dyna Fog Africa ULV (Ultra Low Volume) and thermal fogging machines. Dyna Fog machines represent the latest technology in terms of chemical application and were designed to save time, money and resources.

SaniChem provides personalised solutions for several industries such as Mining, Chicken, Agriculture, Cheese Production, Packing Houses, Government and many more. We specialise in offering customised technological solutions according the specific needs of the customer.

All staff in SaniChem’s service department are thoroughly trained and committed to assisting customers and finding the simplest most cost effective solution to their problems. We offer full technical assistance and training. Our personnel are encouraged to build relationships with clients and offer advice and support for the long term.


To continuously research and develop innovative products and processes.

To drive scales in international markets.

Maximise sustainability within the company.


To be recognized as the leading provider of technologically advanced chemical solution in our markets.


We value our people and our consumers.

We strive in producing quality products.

We value integrity in everything we do.

We reinvest in our society.